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Treatment Options


The gentle manipulation of joints of the spine helps patients to find pain relief from whiplash, disc injuries, sciatica, low back pain, neck pain and headaches. The benefits of Chiropractic are made possible by taking pressure off joints, discs and nerves that may be irritated and allowing for added circulation to these structures. A chiropractic treatment is performed at your comfort level and results in decreased pain levels and improved range of motion.



Alpine Chiropractic Center offers convenient hours and a selection of massage therapists to choose from. Massage helps relieve muscle spasms, enhances blood flow and speeds up your recovery time.

Our clinic provides a soothing, relaxing and modern healing environment dedicated to your prompt recovery.



decompressionVax-D Therapy Disc Decompression

VAX-D is a patented non-surgical therapy developed for chronic low back pain and sciatica. VAX-D is able to relieve pain by decompressing the discs in your spine. The VAX-D table distracts the lumbar region of the spine, taking the pressure off the discs and spinal nerves, and allows the back to heal itself. People that were once forced to compromise their daily activities can now live pain free lives.


rehab2Rehabilitation and Therapy

Alpine Chiropractic Center is fully equipped with a range of therapy options including ultrasound, electrical stimulation and aqua-massage, to help target pain and inflammation in achy shoulders, knees, or backs. At Alpine Chiropractic Center we believe in teaching you practical exercises to help you stay healthy and pain free. You may be asked to begin using an exercise ball for stretching your spine or strengthening your core. You may be prescribed elastic tubing to rehabilitate an injured shoulder or knee. We have seen that patients who combine exercise with our in-office care have the best and longest lasting results. Our patients soon discover that our doctors take their aerobic exercise seriously. When appropriate, Dr. Fuller and Dr. Ramirez will encourage you to start an exercise program of your own.


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